CSA Shares for Purchase

When you become a member of Serenbe Farms CSA Program, you receive our commitment to growing the freshest, healthiest, certified organic food for you and your family.
For more information on what to expect in our CSA shares, share pick-up, share sizes and other information please visit our FAQ's page.
If you have any questions please contact us at kali@serenbefarms.com

Meat & Egg CSA

We are excited to be the ONLY CSA that partners with White Oak Pastures to bring you the freshest, most humanely raised meats in the country.  White Oak Pastures products are known for having Unparalleled taste and texture as all animals are raised all in open pasture for the entire life of the animal.
The Meat and Egg CSA shares are available only to our vegetable share members. By joining in on the Meat & Egg shares, you will be supporting TWO sustainable Georgia farms, and receiving cuts at a 10% discount as compared to prices for White Oak Pastures products at Whole Foods.

Meat CSA

-15 pickups (every other week during the Veggie CSA season)
-First meat pickup is March 31st.
-Pickup right at farm with your veggies/eggs
-Each week is a surprise of 2-3 different meats, typically chicken and beef, but with the occasional lamb and pork thrown in the mix. Customizing weekly shares is not available at this time. 
-All meat is frozen prior to delivery/pickup.
-All meat not picked up by 1pm on Saturdays will be donated.

*There will be options to add on other specialty items throughout the year, to be announced, such as bacon and Thanksgiving turkeys, which will also be able to be picked up at the farm


-One Dozen free range eggs every week! 
-First meat pickup is March 31st. 
-Pickup right at farm with your veggies
-All eggs not picked up by 1pm on Saturdays will be donated

Price Breakdown:
Meat CSA is $395, EVERY OTHER WEEK (15 pickups over season)   ($26/pickup)
Egg CSA is  $175   EVERY WEEK             (30 doz over 30 weeks)     (5.8/doz)
    * eggs last year at the farm were $7/doz so this is a $1.20 reduction/doz to our members!

Full Share Vegetables  $925
Full Share Vegetables + Meat  $1320
Full Share Vegetables + Eggs  $1100
Full Share Vegetables + Meat & Eggs $1495

For veggies/meat/eggs its only $49.8/week! 

Sort Options

Summer Share

7 weeks, 9-12 items per week. June 2nd-July 14th

Share / $275

Summer Share + Eggs

7 weeks, 9-12 items and 1 dozen large eggs per week. June 2nd-July 14th

Share / $320