About Serenbe Farms

Serenbe Farms is a small diversified certified organic farm located in the Serenbe community and surrounded by the rural oasis of the Chattahoochee Hill Country, just 30 miles southwest of Atlanta. The farm began in 2004, and now in its 11th growing season. We cultivate 8 acres of farm-land and are in the process of nurturing and restoring soil on an additional 10 acres. We have produced over 300 varieties of heirloom and hybrid vegetables, herbs and flowers, and we harvest over 60,000 lbs of produce a year.

We market our goods through our Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA), farmers markets and to many talented chefs in Serenbe and Atlanta.

We grow the future generation of farmers through our extensive offering of classes for adults and children, as well as our Apprenticeship program.

Guided by our desire to enrich quality of life, Serenbe Farms operates within this three-part mission to provide nourishing food for our local and greater community, offer meaningful hands on education for all generations, and build community through food and farming.

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Our Farming Practices

Because we believe in the health of our environment, our bodies, and our soils, we choose to grow organically, paying close attention to natural systems that aid in our production. We were first certified in 2004 by Quality Certification Services (QCS) and continue to renew our certification each year.

Our farm, like many in the South, was used for commodity cotton farming decades ago. Our red clay subsoil is now the foundation for our agriculture today. Luckily with lots of love and organic matter, our soil is now full of life.

In addition to focusing on the biology and life of our soils, we pay attention to the balance of our nutrients and the mineral content. The health of our plants comes from the health of our soil. To enrich our soil, we pay attention to all of the trace minerals.

Three organic methods that we live by include: composting, cover cropping, and crop rotation…the three C’s.

Compost is made at the farm from the vegetable scraps of our own community members and restaurants

Cover cropping is the practice of growing rich green grasses and legumes for incorporation of organic matter back into the soil.

And crop rotation with vegetables and cover crops. We rotate crops to disrupt the disease and pest cycle and to ensure that we’re not depleting the same nutrients year after year.

While soil is king on the farm, we also steward our land by utilizing drip irrigation and mulches to minimize our water usage and apply conservation tillage across the farm.


Matthew Clayton & Kali Foley

Farm Managers

Matthew is a 4th generation vegetable farmer, originally from Madison, WI.  His grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and sisters can all be found working the earth at their prospective farms around the country. He is excited to be bringing his personal experience and the resource of generations of familial farming wisdom to Serenbe Farms.

Horticulture and farming are his passions.  He was a certified arborist in MT, a farm owner in the "Organic Valley" of Wisconsin , an orchard manager and most recently manager of a small organic farm in Chattahoochee Hills, on land adjacent to Serenbe.  

Kali is a former Doctoral Candidate with a Bachelors in Neuroscience, and an obsession with organic food and the organic philosophy.  She has been farming side by side with Matt for the past 5 years, and loves the creative aspect of designing a farm plan each year. Kali is the Operations Manager, CSA Manager and Tour Guide when she is not in the field. 
Matt and Kali have two (under two!) children.  Those rare days when they are not at the farm, you will find, or won't find, the farmer family playing and exploring in the woods, their other favorite place. 

Matthew Clayton & Kali Foley

Jake Adams

Apprentice February 2017 -Present
Matthew Clayton & Kali Foley

Current Farm Apprentices

team member

Brandon Williams

Apprentice Summer 2016- Present

I studied environmental horticulture in college. I completed an internship at Tucker Farms in Rome, Georgia, and continued working there as an employee after completing my studies. I was born and raised in Rome. I am a first generation farmer but third generation potter so I guess you can say I’ve had my hands in the mud all my life. The draw for me to Serenbe Farms was the opportunity for learning and hands-on experience in a supportive community.

Apprenticeship Program

The farm prides itself and depends on our apprenticeship crew. To find out more information about our apprenticeship program click below.

Apprenticeship Program

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